My Approach

I love to capture real, fun and playful wedding pictures. Getting married is an exciting, nervous and emotional time, and I want to capture the real and genuine moments. I don't do cheesy poses, or setups that take hours and look contrived, I shoot the real people that make up your life and their real personalities.

I shoot for chilled out couples that don't take themselves too seriously, that enjoy capturing the fun and excitement of their special day, and creating something memorable. I'll treat you like a friend not a client. My experience is that most people want someone they can trust and can rely upon on the big day. I want to be part of your day, and capture the memories you and your loved ones make.

Getting to know you a bit before the event is important for me, so that when the big day comes you feel relaxed being photographed by someone you feel you know and can trust, as if you had a friend taking the pictures. I usually work from a distance and this means I capture natural moments on the day, and so you can enjoy the day with minimal interruptions.

I always involve groomsmen, bridesmaids, friends and family in the pictures as much as possible, the people that mean the most to you and everyone you have brought together to share your wedding with.